Yeezy Lookalike Light Up Shoes For Sale

The big majority of Yeezy LED Lookalike shoes that are made (basically fakes / dupes), are made from a synthetic wool / cotton / nylon mix of materials that makes them very comfortable and extremely breathable. Almost “sock like”. Similar to how real Yeezy’s are. But obviously nowhere near the same level of quality or finish.


However, they are a fraction of the price. Festivals, clubbing, or anywhere with large crowds, glowing shoes are attention grabbers. These trainers are available for kids and adults. They are a novelty pair of trainers that are cheap to buy. And for the price, most people are left quite impressed by how well they are made, and by the flashing variations of the LED lights.

Be warned: The lights on these shoes are bright! If you want to stand out on a night out, these shoes would certainly be a good choice.

There are seven colour variations in total and a choice of modes, from flashing or one solid colour, to a mix of colours. There are a few companies out there using various brand names that are selling these Yeezy lookalikes, such as Santiro and O&N. All are very similar in styling and quality. But one of the best examples of this style of shoe is made under the brand name iPretty (Pictured above).


And if you want a pair of LED shoes that closely resemble the Yeezy’s (350 design), iPretty have a colour way that closely matches the moon rock / grey Yeezy colour way. At least from a distance, or in the dark on a night out! Although they are listed as White they are definitely more of an off-white at the least.

Other colours available are Yellow, Pink, Black, Blue and Red (Adults only in the red). The uppers on these Yeezy LED lookalikes are very airy, so do not expect great weather resistance. They are not waterproof, and due to having concealed electronics, including a USB Port for charging, you most definitely should avoid getting them wet.

Also, the sizing. Be sure to triple check the size (UK equivalent) that you need to avoid disappointment. Please Note: Although they do share the same general styling, technically these are not a fake pair of Yeezy’s. They’re not pretending to be a real (or fake) pair of Yeezy’s and they have no signs or logo’s that would imply so. They’re just a cheap, fun pair of illuminating no name shoes. If you’re looking for other designs of light up shoes, there are some featured on this website for girls and women, and boot versions for boys and men.

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