YAMAY SW501 Fitness Watch

YAMAY-SW501-Fitness-TrackerFitness trackers that have some quality, and actually work, don’t come much cheaper than the YAMAY SW501. This isn’t really an exercise bracelet in what we’ve come to recogise as one, like a Fitbit HR. It’s more of a watch in appearance. It is somewhat comparable in appearance to the Fitbit Blaze. Could it be considered as an alternative to the Blaze. In some ways yes. The YAMAY is never going to out-do the Blaze in any department, but it can compete with it in certain areas. And that alone says a lot. Especially when you consider the price difference. When you see the price of the YAMAY SW501, I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised. View the updated model.

For newcomers to tracker band technology who want to spend the bare minimum to see if they like the idea of wearing a monitoring device for training / exercise, it’s a good introduction. That’s because it’s cheap and works fairly well. While it does have its  share of bad reviews, reviews overall are widely positive. The App appears stable and the watch is easy synchronised to a Smartphone. That goes for both Apple iOS and Android based.

How Good

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not perfect, but it’s one of the more better products at the price point for where it sits in the marketplace. Or at least it was a few years ago. The build quality is above average, and the OLED screen is really clear. The strap is very similar to that of a normal watch in the sense that it has the buckle and various holes, making it very secure and convenient. It’s also extremely easy to get up and running.

Setting it up

Just follow the instructions. Download the App, Pair it to your Smartphone via Bluetooth etc, and you’re good to go. There is only one button on the watch. Well, it’s actually a touch-screen style button located below the screen. Just press the fingerprint icon to go through the options. See the picture below.


Tracking wise, the YAMAY SW501 Fitness Tracker can almost do it all. It is a pedometer after all. It can, with a good rate of accuracy for the price (not 100%), count steps taken, distance travelled, speed, calories used, and even has a sleep mode. Other modes include running and biking.

Due to this tracker being waterproof to the IP67 standard, it can potentially be worn / used when surface swimming (also in the shower, rain etc), and even has a setting specifically for swimming. But be sure not to swim too deep as IP67 has a depth limit of only one meter. And even by sticking to this, there is still a risk that water could penetrate the watch. So yes, it is waterproof against things like rain, sweat and even showering, but being submerged for prolonged periods of time (longer than 30 minutes) could potentially damage the band. So just be aware of this.

Like most of these devices, it can also alert you when someone rings or texts your phone (Needs to be synced). And it has some alarms and decent battery life too. OK, you’ve heard many good things about the YAMAY, so whats the catch I hear you say.

Price, Let downs and Alternatives

Please remember the price. It’s crazy low. And with that in mind, there aren’t really all that many bad points to mention. However, the one thing that is missing, which for some could be a deal breaker, is the heart rate monitor. It has not got that feature. I know, a fitness tracker “smart watch” with no heart rate monitor.

But all is not lost. YAMAY also have a model which does have a heart rate monitor, and its not much difference in price to this one. Actually, there are many models from Yamay that do, and most of them look like fitbits! Some of those include, the SW351, SW350, SW336, SW333 and SW352.

Tracker Warnings

Also worth mentioning is the fact that so many fitness trackers have been on the receiving end of much suspicion over the last few years. Fake reviews are rife on Amazon, and fitness trackers are one of the product lines that have mountains of potentially fake reviews. This product, and all the products from YAMAY, can not be excluded from that. In fact, due to how widespread the problem is, not many products can. So be sure to conduct thorough research before buying a Smartwatch, and make sure to read the one and two star reviews.

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