Who Makes Onemix Sports Shoes

Onemix shoes have been around in the UK for quite a few years now. Not many people know when, or where they actually came from. They seem to have just arrived on the scene. The question people most want the answer to about these trainers is: Who Makes Onemix Sports Shoes? Find out below. I know that some pairs of Onemix look extremely similar to certain styles made by a very popular global sports brand. So a few individuals think they may be produced by them.


But they’re not. Actually, looking through the full Onemix range, it’s not just one specific brand they seem to resemble. There are quite a few. Mentioning no names. A lot of people automatically think Onemix are just another pair of fake / replica’s doing the rounds.

But despite the similarities in appearance, they are of no relation to any another brand at all. Although some do state that they copy every design the other company brings out. That’s a discussion for another time. Onemix are their own, limited company, they are not pretending to be another brand of trainers in terms of their name branding. They are Onemix.

What happened to Onemix shoes on Amazon?

In the UK, nothing. Find them for sale here. In the USA they seem to have been removed from the marketplace for reasons unknown to me.

Answer: Who Makes Onemix Sports Shoes

The company is located in China, and the shoes are made by a business called: Pu Tian Shi Mai Qu Mao Yi You Xian Gong Si. I know, it’s a long business name. So, are Onemix trainers any good? Going on customer reviews, they are very good. In fact, most men and women who take the plunge and buy a pair end up very impressed.

Amongst other styles and designs, a lot of the pairs offered by Onemix sport have the very popular 360 degree air bubble, where basically the whole sole is an air cushioning unit (Some examples are pictured in this post).


Some colourways are also super cool. The 360 degree air bubble designs mostly come with free socks and a spare pair of laces. A nice finishing touch. As well as trainers with no air bubble, they also offer a decent range of boots and Skate shoes. These are not your average, low quality sports shoe that we see in mass numbers being shipped over from Asia in their hundreds and thousands. Onemix have put some time and care into these shoes.

The design, fit, and more importantly, all-round quality. As a result, the reviews / buyers mostly only have good things to say With Onemix spending a little more time and money to ensure each pair of shoes are good quality and longer lasting, it does justifiably translate to the shoes coming with a higher price tag. mens-onemix-sole-air-bubble

And while Onemix are not as expensive when compared to some bigger brands, they are not as cheap as the average under the radar “no-names” or replica pairs, such as terrible quality Yeezy’s (and decent quality LED Yeezy-style dupes) you see being sold online and on the market stalls.

But in fairness, they shouldn’t be. Because they are much better than that. Onemix are still considerably cheaper than buying a more well known brand, and by a lot of accounts, just as good. So, if you feel like giving another brand a try, take a look at Onemix.

Be careful to double-check the sizing chart details on their official website first and then you’re good to go. A few more questions potential buyers ask regarding these shoes. If buying from overseas, what about Import and shipping from China. Will that be a problem.

Will I have to pay tax on top of the price. Most of the time, no. If you’re buying 1, or more pairs for yourself from say Amazon, in all the listings I’ve looked at, Onemix are using the Fulfilled by Amazon option. This means the trainers have already been shipped to the UK and will be dispatched by Amazon.

So you do not have to pay any fees related to import duties, or anything else other than what type of delivery service you use when ordering. A big majority of the time there is always a free delivery option. Same goes for eBay. But be much more careful with eBay, as some sellers claim the stock is located in the UK but really they are just a drop seller, meaning potential duty fees and definitely a much longer wait for your trainers. So be sure to double-check the listing details, and read the customer feedback thoroughly.

And of course, if you want to buy in bulk direct from the official Onemix company (wholesale), you will almost certainly have to pay import taxes. Unless you are ordering a small sample for inspection purposes, to look at the quality etc. In this case the fee will either be zero if the package is under a certain value, or minimal depending on whether the quantity ordered / package value is high enough to be eligible for taxation.

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