What’s The Cheapest Brand New Bullworker

The Bullworker has many thousands of users, from young people to older people. It’s a great tool to help a person stay in shape. However, if there was one thing that new and existing users of the Bullworker have a problem with, it’s with how much the Bullworker costs to buy. It’s not cheap. For this reason, many people hesitate to buy a brand new Bullworker and either look for an alternative, or search for an older well-used model to purchase from eBay or Gumtree. This is totally understandable, as many people want to save some money and spend far less than what an original, brand new model costs to buy.



If you don’t want to read this article, the Bow Basic (pictured above) is the lowest priced, full-sized (36 inches) Bullworker and can be found for sale here on the official Bullworker website.

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However, there is a “cheaper” model which has been released by the Bullworker company (so it is an original) that aims to bridge the gap between being too expensive, and too cheaply made to offer a good level of product longevity. That model, is the Bullworker Bow Basic. Packing a resistance level of 0lbs – 75lbs, it provides an adequate amount of force and should be enough for many individuals.

The resistance spring in the Bow Basic is not swappable. Some models, like the Steel-Bow and 36″ Classic (Read a review here), allow the option of changing the inner spring. This could be to change of the resistance level, or if the normal spring has been used to the point that it has lost some of its resistance over time. The Bow Basic does not have this option. And while models such as the Classic and Steel Bow come with a 5-year warranty, the Bow Basic comes with 3 years.

While 3 years in itself isn’t bad, and a non-changeable spring certainly isn’t a deal breaker, these are two of the reasons why the Bow Basic is the cheapest full-sized Bullworker to buy brand new. In terms of working out, and the variety of exercises that can be achieved, it still offers everything that the normal Bullworkers do.

Although the maximum resistance is lower than both the Classic and Steel-Bow. But a lot of people claim the Steel-Bow and Classic models resistance level is too much for them anyway, so the Bow Basic will suit some individuals better. There are other products that are very similar to the Bullworker, such as the ISO X7, but it’s not made by the Bullworker company, so wasn’t included here as one of the cheapest to buy.

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