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Isokinator Classic Quick Review. The handheld Isokinator Classic (Pictured) is a very portable, mobile training device that was made by Gert F. Koelbel. Do you remember a device called the Bullworker? Well, would it surprise you discover that Gert F. Koelbel is also the man who brought the Bullworker to the world. It’s true. He is an inventor with an obsession for designing innovative portable training devices.


Pictured: The Isokinator Classic model

The original Bullworker (new model here) was a very well-known device in its heyday. And now, with the introduction of some newer models, such as the X5 and Steel Bow, it remains a popular name around the world. The Isokinator range seems to be gradually following the same trend, as more people look for new ways and unique methods to do their resistance / isometric exercises while living a busy, always on-the-go lifestyle.

Using straps that attach to the device (comes with two included for hands and feet but more can be purchased separately), it has the functionality to allow the user to perform seven basic training exercises, and 28 additional resistance / isometric exercises. However, with a little creativity you can think up many new ways to use this device. And if you use the Isokinator in conjunction with other training methods, which is recommended, you can really push your fitness, muscle definition and mass to the next level.

If you have little time to spare and want a quick, measured, all body workout, this device can offer that in a little over 20 minutes. The muscle isolation, as in the ability to laser target certain areas / muscles is one of the features where this little machine is in its element. It’s basically like mobile weight lifting machine. But instead of using actual weights it uses tension.

The twin brass balls indicate the resistance / tension level, and the desired positioning of these metal balls when the device is in use is to keep them sitting at the top of each of the holes that are situated on either side. This is done by pulling the straps apart and holding the level of resistance you set, so that the brass balls are pulled to either side and sit inline with the holes / indicators underneath. It’s quite a strange device in appearance and with its method of operation, but one that many reviewers say works a charm. Takes a little getting used to, but you’ll soon get the hang of it.

How much resistance can it put up?

Fully adjustable, the Isokinator Classic starts at 0KG and goes all the way up to a muscle straining 90KG. With this type of weight range it really can cater for the complete novice right up to the person who trains all the time. Of course, if you’re one of the World’s Strongest Men you would probably need something a bit more heavy-duty. But the Classic model will be more than enough for 70% of people out there.

But in saying that, even individuals that train all the time and are really strong will not be used to the specific exercises this device offers. So, really, even for extremely fit individuals, like any new exercise that requires new body positioning and works muscles and areas a person doesn’t use all that often, even the really in-shape individuals will more than likely find this device a challenge when first starting out.

Feeling strong? Perhaps the Classics BIG BROTHER, the Green Giant might be more up your street. Offering double the maximum resistance of the Classic. That’s a massive 180KG.

Did you know that there are several Isokinator’s

There’s not only the Classic and the Green Giant, but also the Spaceman and the “Lady” models. These four products basically cover the majority of people. From men and women, to even the younger generations. However, other than different maximum tension levels and a few differences in product materials / product weight, they aren’t that different to each other. They all share the same design and same workout routines.

Koelbel Build Quality

One thing, among others, that really stands out with Gert F. Koelbel’s products is the impressive build quality. The Bullworker was renowned for being a tough, sturdy device. Even today, take a look on eBay and you will see many of the earlier model Bullworker’s being sold, still in good working order! The same build quality is found in all the models. Although it has been up and down in the last decade, the German reputation for reliable, well-built products is alive and well in the Isokinator. So much so that they all come with a twenty-year guarantee. They really are built to last.

Isokinator Price

With such a high quality product comes a fairly high price tag. These devices are not cheap. But they are dependable, extremely portable, effective, and offer something quite novel and unique. There’s something quite sentimental about having this little mobile helper that allows a person to be able to exercise no matter where they may be.


Can’t afford one? Want a cheaper alternative? Well there’s always the floor, which supplies a complete training gym all of its own. The floor, your bodyweight and motivation is all you really need if short on funds. And it’s totally free. However, if you were a fan of the Bullworker, don’t have much time for exercise, or just want to try something a bit different, the Isokinator range is well worth a look. Reviews are generally very good.

In fact, almost everyone who has bought this training device that has given themselves the time to adapt to its unique training routine, rather than just give up very quickly because everything seems a bit strange and “new” to them have mostly all come back and said its an excellent training companion.

But like others have said about this device, there’s nothing about it that can’t be replicated in some way or another. From using a rope or rubber bands to take the place of the device. I totally agree, although there are some differences. Such as, knowing the resistance level (in weight) that is being applied, and being aware of slacking (getting tired). As in, the brass balls no longer being under the holes, or, in the “Green Zone” as the maker of the device calls it. You won’t be able to measure those using a rope or rubber band with the same precision the Isokinator can.

Furthermore, if we use that same “it can be replicated” outlook, let’s take a look at metal disc weights (metal weight plates) as an example. They can be replicated with so many things, from lifting big rocks, to paint tins filled with sand or water,  but people still buy the weights.

The same thing can be said for running outside Vs running on a machine indoors (treadmill). The choice a person make take can come down to a lot of different factors. Some of those include preference, convenience, budget and mindset.

4 thoughts on “The Isokinator Classic Review

  1. Good post, very accurate. I’ve enjoyed using the isokinator over the years. And you know what – with the Covid-19 crisis and the inability to go to the gym I’m so glad I bought one a long time ago. Been using it at home a fair bit through this lockdown. Money well spent. Still in perfect condition after 5 years of use.

  2. I know reviews are real swell and it is a good product but i’m wondering if a towel could be a cheap alternative to this isokinator. I know it won’t be as accurate with knowing how much pressure someone is working with but it does seem like a viable alternative that literally costs nothing. Everyone has got access to a towel. Unless homeless of course. In that case use an old t-shirt. Or even some rope. haha even better come to think about it.

  3. In times such as these, this device, while a great bit of kit for training, is far too expensive. With more people looking to save money, and many millions more now forced to train at home, much cheaper options are definitely more well-suited and sensible. I recommend a good stay at home training program like the Classic Training Guide. I have been using it for 2 months now and its been a real eye opener. The gains I’ve seen in muscle definition and general fitness have been a big surprise to me. Thanks.

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