The Best Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ50 Battery


The Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ50, an excellent Bridge camera. Great image quality, and a unique design for a Bridge camera with its manual focus and zoom rings on the lens barrel. A true keeper, and one of my favourite cameras of all time. I’m sure you’re well aware of its specification if you are here looking for the best quality battery for this model. So I’ll get right on with talking about the batteries. I own a few.

Pictured: Best Panasonic Lumix CGR-S006 replacement: The Duracell DR9668

The original battery for this model is the best replacement, but expensive. It lasts a long time when less than a year or two old. This is partly due to the lens of the FZ50 being fixed, which saves a lot of power when turning on, zooming, and turning the camera off.

Anyway, there are so many after-market batteries for the FZ50, some of which are decent. However, there are so many that are terrible. I have a non-original 950mAh replacement 7.2V battery from Germany (compatibility model: CGA-S006E), and that has been working really well so far. Sometimes it just won’t die, which is a sure sign of a decent battery.

But, if I were to recommend one battery to you, due to how much of a minefield it is out there for replacement Li-ion batteries for the Lumix DMC-FZ50, I would no doubt go with the Direct replacement 700mAh (CGR-S006 DMW-BMA7) offered by Duracell. You can’t go far wrong with that battery. And its quite cheap in price, too.

So, rather than taking the risk on one of the many unknown replacements on eBay or Amazon, I would go with Duracell. Mine has been used extensively over the last year and is still going strong. It’s also compatible with many other Lumix Bridge cameras, including the FZ7, FZ8, FZ18, FZ30 and quite a few more. Although be aware, that the fit might be tight for some models.

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