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Water filters, these days everyone wants to filter their water. And why not. The water in the UK is terrible, filled with fluoride and god knows whatever else. I read a report that stated the water supply in some areas of the UK had traces of Oestrogen (Estrogen). This was in London if I remember correctly. There are many cases of pollutants being present in water, not just in the UK, but also in the USA and all around the world.


A good UK alternative to the CUZN UC-200 – The WFM Complete filtration system which comes complete with filter (KDF filtration) capable of lasting up to three years.

Read the reviews (excellent)

Anyway, due to people waking up to the potential danger, and also wanting to drink / consume water that tastes better, there are many water filters to choose from. One of those is the CUZN UC-200. CuZn Water Systems is a great company to deal with. Their Water Filtration Systems are excellent. Reviews are fantastic. And I’ve personally read many instances from customers praising them on their excellent after-sales support.


Another highly rated, widely compatible UK alternative: Water2buy Water Filter Reverse Osmosis kit RO600 – All in one 5-Stage Water Treatment System With Pump.

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However, what you must be made aware of is the fact that their products are predominantly made for the USA and Canada. UK sinks and water systems are different to those in the above mentioned country’s. That’s not to say that you couldn’t set up a CUZN UC-200 in the UK if you or someone you hired to install it had the knowledge to do so. But it would be much less hassle buying a Water Filtration System that is specifically made for the UK. There are many to choose from.

Water-Gem-uk-Filter-Tap-System Inline-Drinking

The cheapest of the products listed here. The Water Gem under sink filter system. Noted as extremely easy to fit, and reported to work very well. Effortless filter replacement and low maintenance costs (filters are cheap) compared to many others.

Check Price and Read the Water Gem Reviews

And if you’re thinking to yourself – What about all the reviews I’ve read on Amazon UK and eBay UK that say it’s a very good product and mostly all give five star review scores. Well, basically all those reviews are pulled from the American Amazon and American / Canadian eBay.

Have you looked through to the profiles of the people who left those reviews? I have, and they are mostly all from either the USA or Canada. In fact the only UK reviews I could find on eBay UK (I found 2) were both complaining that they could not install the product because the fittings are not correct / compatible.

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