Panasonic Toughbook Refurbished UK

Panasonic Toughbook Refurbished Laptops UK. The Panasonic Toughbook range has been around for a number of years now. There are many models to choose from, all with their own set of features. Of course, it’s obviously in the name, and a key feature throughout the entire range, but just so you’re aware, all the Toughbooks are splash proof, shockproof and generally as tough as old work boots. They’re not invincible, though, so you should still treat them with respect. And, as mentioned, many of the models have different features to suit different types of people and professions.


One of the newer, much more expensive models. The high specification CF-54

Some are touchscreen, and some are not. Many have a swivel screen design (display can be turned all the way round), while some models are designed more like a conventional laptop but can still be used as a tablet. There’s even tablet style models, such as the CF-D1, which are geared towards diagnostics / engineers.

Price Vs Spec Vs Condition

Brand new Toughbooks, like the CF-54 pictured above are expensive. The CF-52 on the other hand can now be found for sale at a very good price. However, if you buy either used or refurbished, the savings that can be made are huge. And considering the high specification, coupled with how well suited they are for real life usage, it makes a lot of sense to buy one.

Some older Toughbooks for sale (Used and Refurbished) are extremely cheap. Even though many have very high specifications, such as i5 Processors, 8GB RAM, large internal hard drives, GPS and RS-232 connectivity. There are some good deals for the extremely versatile CF-19 MK6 right now on eBay UK.

Toughbooks are great for small business owners, military personnel, those who work outdoors a lot, car garages, the construction industry and people who are sick and tired of their laptops constantly breaking and want something a bit more tough, rugged and reliable.

Be an Eagle-eyed buyer

One word of warning when buying used or refurbished in the UK or US. Be sure to inspect the pictures and read descriptions carefully, as a lot of what’s currently out there for sale has more than likely not been well looked after due to the large majority being previously used by employees, not personal owners.

Once they reach what the company deem to be the end of their service life, or the time frame for all the computers to be upgraded under contract, they are then sold to a computer recycling company who will refurbish the computers and resell them. That’s where you, the buyer of the refurbished machine comes in.

I’m not saying that they won’t work or will have problems, they have been refurbished after all, and should be in full working order. Like I said, just be sure to do your due diligence, view the product images enlarged, check seller feedback and read product descriptions fully so you know exactly what you are buying. Other than that, you can’t go far wrong.

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