New to the US market: Fusion5 Tablets

Well, not extremely new to the US marketplace, but new enough for some to still be curious about whom they are. In the UK Fusion5 has been a trusted Tablet computer brand for a good number of years now, and in that time they have continued to achieve growth and have success. As a result of that success, they have expanded their operation oversea’s to the USA. Fusion5 tablets can now be found for sale on It’s not a major move or anything, and there’s not that many products listed on Amazon US, but still, there’s a decent enough selection which may grow in size over the coming years.


Image: Best selling and the highest review score Fusion5 model at this time on – The Fusion5 FWIN232 PRO


So naturally with an unknown brand, some people are asking:

Is Fusion5 considered a good brand in the UK?

Yes, they are a good tablet brand. They are certainly not one of those fly-by-night brands that look promising, sell a few tablets and then disappear into the night.

The tablets they sell are good quality for the price. Fusion5 have a hand in the manufacturing process of their products to ensure that the quality control is maintained, and they definitely put some pride and customer consideration in the products they bring to the marketplace. Quality electronic components are definitely used. For confirmation of this just take a look at their customers reviews on Amazon UK, and you’ll soon see that the majority of customers are happy. They also offer a one-year warranty on all their tablets should a problem arise.

Fusion5 sell a good mix of Android and Windows based machines, in screen sizes ranging from 7 Inches up to 10.1 Inches. Their most highly rated tablet on Amazon USA is the FWIN232 PRO (10.1 IPS, Windows 10 S, Quad-Core, 4GB RAM with a choice of 64GB or 128GB internal storage).

This is excellent value for money, and in some ways seems to be so much cheaper in comparison to models from other brands for specification. Perhaps this cheap pricing is down to the fact that they are still widely unknown in the USA and understand buyers will be slightly hesitant in purchasing from a brand that they haven’t heard of before.

So what Fusion5 may be doing to gain some trust, is sell a tablet with a very high spec for a cheap price to make a bit of a splash, and in time they will earn a good reputation. It’s a nice way for them to announce themselves into a newish marketplace, and rack up some great reviews from customers. If this is the case, it has worked well. The reviews are very impressive, and the tablet itself is cheap for how powerful it is.

The only downfall for buyers of Fusion5 products in the USA, is, if something does go wrong with their Tablet, they may have to ship it to the UK for repair. I’m not sure if the buyer has to foot the shipping costs for this, so perhaps that would be a question worth asking Fusion5 about before purchase. Other than that, Fusion5 do make a good reliable tablet, which are no doubt worthy of purchasing.

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