Neocore Wireless Bluetooth Speakers “Review”

As well as having a fairly successful range of tablet computers for sale in the UK, Neocore also produce a very good selection of Bluetooth Speakers. What’s more surprising, is that due to the reviews being excellent for each speaker, it makes it hard to choose one. That goes for some other brands, too, such as Anker, Cambridge, Tribit and Betron.

Their high review scores are evenly matched. I actually own the Betron D51 and its been very good so far. When choosing a Bluetooth speaker, due to how even the review scores are, I suppose it comes down to certain specific, stand-out features that an individual wants or needs more of in a wireless speaker than others. Things such as bass, maximum wattage, pairing strength, battery life etc.

Anyway, I just wanted to do a quick rundown of the Neocore speaker range and write a brief description of specification and features for each model.

Neocore Wave A1

neocore-WAVE-A1-reviewWith an output of 10 Watts (5×2 Watts), I believe this is the lowest in terms of Wattage from the whole Neocore speaker range. Although it is still reported as being pretty loud for its size, and having good quality stereo sound by users. It features 2 drivers and a subwoofer. Battery duration is reported as being capable of lasting up to a whole day (playing music) from one full charge. The Bluetooth connection distance is twenty meters maximum. The A1 also features a Micro SD card slot, 3.5 mm headphone jack (AUX-wired option available), water resistance and Echo dot compatibility. This model is available in black or white. 24 month warranty is included. Buy the A1 from Amazon.

Neocore WAVE A2

A2-speakerThe same speaker set-up as the A1, with two drivers and a subwoofer (can be used wireless or wired). Bluetooth range is also the same as the A1 @ 20 meters. However, the shape of the unit is very different to the A1. Buy from Amazon.

The A2 is louder than the A1 at 16 Watts, and sports an even longer battery life. Built-in microphone, bass and treble adjustment, and a very up-to-date Bluetooth 4.2 are all features built into the A2. Check out the full specification of the A2 on the official Neocore website.


Neocore WAVE A3.60

WAVE-A3-60Again, like the A1 and A2, this model also has two drivers (speakers) and an internal subwoofer. But this one is the loudest packing 20 watts (10 watts x2). Bluetooth range is the same as the other models @ 20 meters max. Battery duration is excellent, lasting well over a full day of playing music continuously at a reasonable volume.

It also has an SD memory card slot and comes with a 2-year warranty like the rest. Available in silver or black. Buy from Amazon.


Neocore WAVE P3

P3-with-RadioThe P3 is finished with brushed gold aluminium and is most probably the nicest, or most different looking out of all the Neocore speakers. It comes with an almost identical set of standard features that the other speakers have. Such as, wired or wireless use (Bluetooth 4.0), SD slot, up to a day’s battery life, etc. Although with the P3 the Bluetooth range is only 10 meters, and the maximum output is 10 watts. However, it is waterproof to the IPX5 standard, and has a built-in FM Radio. It’s also extremely thin @ approximately one inch, making it very portable.



WAVE-A4The big boy out of the bunch. Packing a massive 50 watts into 4 speakers and 2 subwoofers, this is the most powerful. Battery life understandably doesn’t last as long as the rest due to the higher power consumption. But 13 hours is still a respectable amount of time for such a powerful little speaker. For sale here (official Neocore website).

Or buy from Amazon.

Bluetooth connection is 66 feet (ca. 20 metres) max. Other features include: Wired / wireless, SD slot (Micro), Bluetooth 4.2, internal microphone, USB for computer connection / charging the internal battery and headphone connection (auxiliary).

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  1. I got the WAVE A4 TSUNAMI. Owned it a while now. It’s loud and has a good sync strength to my galaxy s7. Rarely gets Disconnected.

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