Neocore E1 – Last Tablet Standing

The Neocore brand used to sell a number of different tablets, some of which were excellent for the time period. You had the Neocore B1, C1, N1 and N1F. There may be a few more, but those are the models that spring to mind. Fast-forward a few years and now, the only model Neocore seem to be putting most of their time, technology and effort into, is the E1. neocore-UK

I’ve seen a few Neocore N1 for sale on Amazon and eBay, some are brand new on Amazon and a few are either used or refurbished eBay. So going on those findings, Neocore are certainly not producing the N1 in any big quantities. Shame really, because some of their older models were fantastic, and it can’t be too profitable tapering down to selling just one or two tablets. I know that Neocore sell other products, such as wireless Bluetooth speakers and accessories, etc, but still it would be nice to see a re-emergence of some of their older models.

Perhaps it makes more sense profit-wise to concentrate on one tablet product rather than pump more money into a range of tablets that basically all offer the same or very similar specification. And I know that the profit margin on tablets that use good quality components isn’t that great, especially when you have all the outgoings of running a legitimate business.

Correct me if I’m wrong, while there are still some N1’s available, it does appear that the Neocore E1 is pretty much the last Tablet standing from the Neocore range. As in, still in production. In fairness to Neocore, the E1 (For sale here) has seen some vast improvements through the generations, and the latest model does have an impressive specification.

Both the E1 and N1 are excellent tablets for the price and do score well when it comes to customer reviews. However, given the E1’s price, and the emergence of some giant brands such as Samsung, Lenovo, Huawei and Amazon Fire (honourable mention to Fusion5) setting up shop with some excellent models at the same price point and lower, the specification of the E1 has to be superb just to compete.

But they do, and the sales of the E1 seems to be going steady, with the review score staying nice and healthy within the 4 – 5 star range at the same time (The N1 doesn’t fair as well). Let’s hope the sales continue to grow and Neocore can improve or expand on their product range.

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  1. I got the e1r1 generation. 2 gigs ram. Like it. I did have a nexus which i liked a lot too. Got old and needed replaced.

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