Morefit Slim Fitness Tracker Review

MoreFit-Slim-Touch-Black-Unisex-2-ReviewAt first glance what does this Morefit Slim (touch) remind you of. In fact, forget first glance, the Morefit Slim looks identical to the Fitbit Alta (They even have close to the same review score). But that’s not a bad thing. And its nothing new. If you take a browse through the many Fitness Trackers that are out there for sale, you will quickly discover that there are so many brands that have Smartwatches which look the same as either the fitbit Alta, the Flex or the Charge 2.

I should probably get this out-of-the-way here and now. The Morefit Slim Touch is a slightly earlier model. As a result, it does not have the all important heart rate (HR) monitor feature. If you want that feature in your fitness tracker, and want it at a very cheap price, you will have to buy the Morefit Slim HR. The good news, is that it’s basically the same price as the non HR. The bad news is the review score isn’t as good.

Got more to spend? There’s also a Fitbit Alta HR, which has excellent reviews. However, going on user reviews, and overall customer feedback for the lower priced examples, one of the best cheap activity watches that does have a heart rate monitor, and has been reviewed on this site, is the  Letscom ID107Plus HR with IP67 and Bluetooth 4.0.

Looking for something a bit newer, with an impressive review score? Check out the new and much improved Fitbit Inspire HR Smart Watch (Compatible with Echo Dot)

With convenient touch screen and a design that’s suitable for men and women, the Morefit Slim can count steps (Pedometer), distance covered, calories burnt, and can even monitor sleeping patterns. When synchronized to a Smartphone it has the ability to provide the wearer with alerts, in the form of calls / texts, and notifications from various social media websites.

It can also display the date, time, and has an alarm, so can effectively be used as a normal watch when not being used for exercise / tracking. Build quality and screen clarity are great for the price. And the battery duration, which lasts approximately 4 – 5 days from a full charge, is impressive.

Morefit-USB-Charge-Plus-Band_Unisex-ReviewThe tracker unit itself is removable from the strap. The charging point comes in the form of a USB connection, which is located on one end of the control unit.

It conveniently hides away within the strap once the control unit is put back on the strap. See the picture to the right. The main App used for this model is Morefit’s very own Veryfit 2.0. Replacement bands are available if you want to snazz it up a bit with a different colour, or the original band is looking a little worn out. Lots of colours are available. Including Black, Purple, Teal, Blue, Pink and Plum. So plenty to choose from for men and women.

Morefit Slim Water Resistance

Take note: It’s not considered as waterproof, and doesn’t have an official IP67 rating. So, the only wetness this model can take is either from sweat or light rain. Anything else would most certainly put the watch at risk of developing an intermittent fault, or even making it stop working all together. With the Morefit Slim and HR model, it really comes down to cost vs expectancy.

People think because it’s so cheap to buy that it’s going to be terrible in every area. Then, they mostly end up pleasantly surprised because it works well enough in being able to perform many of the most important tasks with a good level of efficiency and accuracy. Of course, I’m talking about buyers who are happy with their purchase. But there are quite a few that aren’t. Obviously, it’s not perfect, none of them are.

Morefit Slim Problems / Faults

Pulling no punches. Like all activity trackers, they each come with a few potential issues. Reviews are predominantly positive for the Morefit Slim, but like mentioned above, it does have its fair share of unhappy customers too. This one’s main weaknesses appear to be sync issues, compatibility with older Smartphones, dodgy straps, charging problems and Pedometer accuracy.

There’s also a steady flow of buyers that claim everything was working fine one minute, and then one day the watch just stopped working. But overall, if we take the price, and sheer amount of happy customers into consideration, this is a decent device for the money, if you get sent one with no problems.

Choose Your Activity Tracker Poison

And the same terminology can even be used for the most expensive Smartwatches. Have you seen some of the many complaints flooding the Internet regarding problems with certain activity watches from leading brands that I won’t mention. We’re talking about tens of thousands of complaints.

So, in a way, it can be smarter to actually take the risk on a cheaper device and not be too out-of-pocket if you do happen to get sent a lemon. Two worth checking out that look to be a cut above many in the marketplace in the same category are the Vigorun YG3 and the HolyHigh YG3. Very similar products being sold under two different brand names.

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