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The smart but subtle Loake Chester Brogue shoes grace us with their presence, and also, as usual for genuine Loake shoes, their high price tag. You may have seen these shoes cheaper for sale online on various websites like Amazon and Debenhams. What you might not be aware of, is that there are some pairs of Loake shoes that are made in India. These pairs are considerably cheaper to buy, but the quality is not the same as Loake shoes, such as the 1880 range (which take around 2 months to make by hand) that are made in England.


Picture this: Loake Chester – From the premium 1880 range (Made In England). Hows this for five star reviews.

The Indian made pairs (L1 and machine manufactured), while still a decent shoe, are inferior quality (especially the leather and the sole) and will not last you a very long time when compared to the real Loakes made in the UK. I’ve read many reviews about the Indian made pairs from customers and they are far from happy. Some even claim that their shoes needed repairing after a few months.

Repairing these shoes isn’t exactly cheap either. Loakes in need of repair after a few months? This is never usually the case with the original UK Loake shoes unless you’ve been running marathons in them every week.

The pair pictured above are Loake Chester and they are Made In England. They are available to buy online or in store. Like most Loake shoes they are almost entirely made from Leather. The uppers are made from Calf Leather. They have a Goodyear Welted sole construction and the fitting is an (F). Lots of sizes are available up to a UK 12 (Euro 48).

Great shoes, just be aware of where they are made and don’t get tempted to try to save some money, thinking you are getting a bargain, because with the Indian made pairs, yes, they are still made by the Loake company, and they are still good year welted.

However, compared to the 1880’s, you are basically buying a different pair of shoes that do not possess the true Loake quality of the pairs which are made in the UK. This is confirmed by customer reviews, so make sure you check this information out before purchasing the shoes. The Indian examples are basically Loakes lowest quality offerings. Still a good pair of shoes, but don’t get it twisted, they aint no 1880’s.

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  1. Even the Indian ones are expensive, man. I’ll have to buy similar from NEXT online instead. Ah well.

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