Lincass Fitness Tracker Smart Watch Review

Lincass-DL21-Bluetooth-WatchThe Lincass range of Fitness trackers (what a funny name!) are one more brand in an already long line of smart watches that are aimed at bringing the user a good, usable product at a much cheaper price than its much more well-known competitors. Does it hit the spot? Well, which model are you looking for. There are so many types offered by Lincass. Some of them, like the Lincass DL21, look eerily similar to the Fitbit Charge range.

The other model worth noting that also looks a lot like a cheaper Fitbit Alta, is the Lincass LBL05. Then again, this isn’t a first, as there are so many other brands that build products of a similar design. Two cheaper brands well worth considering are YAMAY® and Mpow. They make some decent, cost-effective solutions.

Focusing on the Lincass DL21, it’s more popular in the USA than it is in the UK. That is changing though as more people from the UK are seeing it for sale on websites like Amazon. Compatible with iOS (Apple) and Android based devices, it can monitor heart rate, steps taken (Pedometer), distance travelled, monitor sleep patterns, calorie watcher, and has incoming call and SMS alerts.

Basically, it has close to everything that the more costly devices have. It even claims to be waterproof, but this is not confirmed, and is most probably a mistake in the product listing. But it should be noted that there are also conflicting reports among customers also. Some say it is waterproof and others say it’s not. So I guess you will have to run the risk, buy the tracker and find out first hand. Appearance and functions may be similar, but that’s where the comparisons pretty much end.

Don’t get me wrong, if you are new to fitness trackers, don’t want to spend much money, and just want to see what all the fuss is about, the Lincass range isn’t a bad place to start. The price alone makes it a worthy little purchase to get your feet wet so to speak. However, the one area where it seems to be lacking a bit (The DL21 model Pictured) is with its all-round accuracy.

There are also some reports of Smartphone sync errors. And while it’s overall build / screen quality may not be up with there with the more expensive models, just bear in mind the huge price difference. The DL21 is very cheap to buy. Reviews for the DL21 are quite the mix, with over 50 percent of users giving the product five stars and a tad under 25% giving it just one star. In its defence, yes its very mixed, but just take a look at some reviews for the pricier brands and models, and you will find fairly similar results.


Not a bad line of products for newbies, or for those looking for an exercise bracelet that monitors performance with better than a general line of accuracy, but not 100%. Available in colours: White, Black, Purple and Pink. Good product considering the price.

Quick update: Review scores for many Lincass models have dropped dramatically in recent times, so it would be wise to shop around a little as there are many more tracker brands to choose between. One brand I would recommend, although fairly expensive but well worth the price, is Garmin.

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