Lanvin Cap Toe Shoes / Trainers

Lanvin leather cap toe shoes made from Calf Leather. Very nice shoes. The uppers have an almost reptile / snake-skin like appearance. The uppers are stitched to the sole making sure that the shoes last a long time. The sole is very thick and the shoes themselves have a luxury feel on the feet, providing a high level of comfort.

The shoes pictured here cost over £200. Lanvin shoes are made to an exceptionally high standard. The materials used to make most pairs are of an extremely high quality. This is part of why the shoes are so expensive. Of course, you are also paying for the brand. But to be honest, considering the price of almost all genuine pairs of Lanvin shoes, they should be the best quality.

Lanvin-Leather-ShoesThankfully, they do live up to their price tag. Lanvin are basically an upper class brand and fashion house. Only people with considerable money to spend can consider buying a pair of Lanvin shoes, or an item of Lanvin clothing. Lanvin not only make mens shoes but also womens shoes, and some pairs can cost up to £1000 and beyond. Lanvin don’t stop at just shoes either, they also have many different clothing and accessory ranges for men, women and children.

If you hunt around you can find Lanvin shoes for a bit cheaper. There are shoes out there for sale, in the US and UK, that look almost identical to the cap toe examples pictured here. And they are a fraction of the price. However the quality is nowhere near the level of genuine Lanvin shoes.

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