Intercom Doorbell Cameras (Qihoo, Ring, TMEZON)

Due to a need for increased security, doorbell intercom cameras were getting to be quite popular anyway, but now with Coronavirus in full swing people are also looking for more ways to distance themselves from strangers. And with online shopping becoming the most common way people now do their shopping, what better than a doorbell camera intercom for the front door.


Pictured: The Ring Video Doorbell 2

This will eliminate the majority of door interactions with delivery men and most others, but if a parcel needs to be signed for there will still be a need for some form of close contact. However, while I’m no expert on advancements in “signed for” technology, I would expect that in this day and age there may be a way to sign for something on a Smartphone. A digital signature of sorts.

Either that or perhaps the delivery companies accept a picture of the person receiving the parcel as proof of delivery. There are quite a few ways to counter the need for direct contact for the requirement of a signature.

I’ve done a fair bit of research on this type of product, and the one thing that really stands out is how almost none of them have glowing 5-star reviews. Prices vary ridiculously, with some costing several thousands of pounds. However, the most expensive models are also, predictably, the ones with no reviews what so ever.

The good news is, I have found a model with a good review score that does appear to offer working Wi-Fi, Smartphone App controllable door intercom with camera that many of the reviewers say is actually decent for the price.

That product is the Qihoo 360 D819 (Pictured below). Features include: Smart Technology (Smartphone compatible – including notifications), Wi-Fi, good quality camera footage (supposedly 1080p), two-way audio communication, different doorbell tone sounds, long life battery, microSD Slot, Tamper detection (Has been a pain for a few buyers) Night vision and motion detection.


Image: The highly rated Qihoo 360 D819

Any Issues Reported

Stated by the makers to not be fully waterproof, the Qihoo 360 D819 is best suited for homes that have some type of weather cover protecting their front door. Be it a small rain roof, a porch, or a flat / apartment building where the front door is inside. Other issues noted: Speaker could be a bit better. But overall a fairly good product.

Comparisons Worth Considering

Other than the Qihoo 360 D819, it seems most people go for one of the Ring Video Doorbell models produced by Amazon. All the models offer a lot of good features. Wi-Fi, Live View, works with Smartphones, Tablets, Desktop computers, Echo / Alexa compatibility, ability to have a conversation with the person at the door, 720p or 1080p depending on the model (most are 1080p HD), Infrared, Motion detection, and the peace of mind knowing it can be easily returned to Amazon if there’s a problem. Or if you install the product and come to the conclusion that it just isn’t for you.

Most models can be powered either by internal Battery or Hardwired. The peephole is also not forgotten, because there is even a model that can be fitted directly to a door’s peephole, which is excellent and effectively addresses any problems a person might have when it comes to bad weather potentially damaging the intercom.

If none of the models mentioned above are suitable for you, to save money it looks like you will have to take your pick out of the models which all have an average of 4-star reviews on Amazon. Some brands worth looking at that offer both audio and visual features are: Fibaro, Kamrea, Floureon, KAMEP, KKMoon and TMEZON.

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  1. Postman / delivery man is tapping the door and just leaving the parcel at the front door and running off! Everyone is terrified of contact because of covid-19. How does he know anyone is even in, that’s what I’d like to know. Couldn’t ask his as he was gone. He didnt use the doorbell intercom!

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