Glow In The Dark Shoes For Women and Girls

With so many “Shoes with Lights” or “Glow in the dark shoes” for sale in the UK and the US, it can be a bit of a challenge sifting through all the different pairs to find the nicest ones out of the bunch. The good thing is, a lot of these types of shoes, which are primarily manufactured in Asia, have been made to a good standard. So finding good quality examples (For a low price) isn’t too difficult. These are one of the best pairs out there for sale in women’s / girls sizes.

Pictured in this post: Gaorui Light up boots
The boots pictured here are one of the nicest examples we have come across, and will certainly have your friends envious and asking you where you bought them from. They are a high-cut boot and have a distinctive gold coloured angel with wings on the tongue. The upper material isn’t leather, it’s PU leather.


For a cheap price, this clean, fresh looking white pair of LED boots are seriously cool. Check out the images of how well they glow up in a dark, dull setting. They are glowing brightly! Two illumination modes are present: A choice of one solid colour (Seven to choose from) or flashing.


They are fully chargeable via USB. The connection is concealed within the inner front quarter near the tongue. Flat battery to full charged takes a few hours. Most of these shoes are not made from real leather, and the ones that are come in at double, even triple the price of these. The exception is some pairs that are made by Vlado, which do come in Leather and can be found for double the price of the shoes pictured here if you look long and hard.

However, the examples of Vlado’s with glowing soles have become quite hard to get on this side of the pond. These boots start at size 2.5 and go up to a UK 5. So they are suitable for younger girls and women. Looking for bigger women’s sizes? Check out the Vnfire, 8 Colour variation LED trainers, which are available in many more sizes (6 – 9.5). Their style and design is not as nice as these, though! Or take a look here.

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