Fitbit Charge 2 Metal Straps UK

Replacement_Band-Charge2_Metal-UKOverall, the Fitbit Charge 2 is an excellent fitness tracker that has had some key features that were somewhat lacking on the previous model improved. And as good as it is, it’s not perfect by any means. What are some of the most common complaints with Fitbit’s in general.

Well, in no particular order, first you have the battery duration, Sync issues, and then it’s the strap. So many people who buy a Fitbit complain about the strap irritating the skin on their wrist. The normal strap is made from silicone / resin, and not everyone, but some do find it annoying. In fact, some have even had an adverse reaction to it.

However, you don’t have to just sit back and grin and bear it. There are a whole host of replacement bands available for the Charge 2 (In the UK), from pimped up originals of the same silicone material, to genuine leather and metal. The leather examples are excellent, and make the tracker look rather classy, but the metal ones provide a few extra perks that none of the others do. Yes, to actually replace the original band they are all extremely easy to fix together.

All of them just clip nicely into place, making it very easy to either attach or remove, but the metal straps require no holes to set the width. Rather than having a clasp / buckle, they work by having a very strong magnet at the end, making it a no-brainer replacement if you’re someone who has had problems in the past with not knowing if a strap will fit your wrist. And that goes for both very skinny or very thick wrists.

The mesh metal replacement is basically one size fits all. Actually, there is a small and large available, but which ever side you fall into (small wrist or big) just choose the appropriate size for your needs and you will be good to go. Other than the mesh strap, there are other metal designs for sale.

Some are heavier, curb-like in appearance. Another advantage that the mesh examples have over the rest is breathability. The thicker metal models, and especially the real leather straps have a tendency to generate perspiration build up and become quite sweaty on the wrist. Take into consideration that a Fitness watch is specifically worn to exercise, and that sweat build up is magnified.

The mesh straps are basically full of mini holes, so do a much better job of keeping the air flowing between the watch and the skin. Many colours are also available. Of course, you have the very popular silver (pictured above), but also Black, Blue, Coffee, Gold, Rose gold and multi-coloured.

In the USA, there are a few more colours to choose from. Champagne and Pink Gold are two. I’m yet to see the strap in White (in mesh) but would imagine it is out there somewhere, as White is a very popular colour with the Charge 2 (In silicone) and other tracker watches, like the Fitbit Alta (+HR), Blaze and many more.

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