Desk Lamps That Take AA Batteries

Daffodil-ULT300-LEDI mainly buy and use AA battery’s, and because of this, apart from digital cameras, every electric item I seem to own, from remote controls to torches, all take AAA size battery’s. And that’s the reason I was looking for Desk Lamps that take AA batteries. Some of my digital cameras use AA batteries. I use rechargeable’s, and I like to make sure they are completely drained of power before putting them on charge. Problem is digital cameras don’t run the batteries all the way down.

They need to be put into something else once they will no longer power the camera. So I thought why not buy something that I need and will use (a desk lamp that takes AA’s), that takes AA batteries, so I can use it to completely drain my batteries before recharging.

So off I went in search on eBay, but the results were quite disappointing. Many small desk lamps that sit within the price range I wanted to spend are either mains powered or run off a USB port. I did find one that looked suitable. This was the Kingavon BB-RT357 with 12 LED’s. It’s cheap to buy and takes 3 AA’s. But, to be honest, it looks really cheap and tacky in my opinion. So off I went to Amazon, and the results were much better. Here is a quick list of the most promising cheap desk lamps I found that take double A Batteries. Spoiler alert: I went with the Daffodil ULT300.

Maxnor LED Portable Desk Lamp

Maxnor USB and Battery Powered Desk Light
Maxnor USB and Battery Powered Desk Light with flexible neck. Read the reviews
This seems to be a generic design that lots of different companies are using. The only difference appears to be the brand name. However, even though they look the same, I would still rather buy one from a more recognized brand. But it is the exact same product as the Daffodil ULT300. Same light features, design and power options (4AA or USB).

I’ve never heard of Maxnor, but have heard of Daffodil UK. However, in all fairness to the Maxnor branded flexi-lamp, it does have a superb review score, just like the Daffodil ULT300. Only difference is the total amount of reviews is nowhere near that of the Daffodil ULT300.

Ideaworks (E6921) Foldable LED Lamp

Ideaworks Super Bright Portable LED LampThe Ideaworks (E6921) Foldable LED Lamp uses a design that has been replicated by quite a few companies. Only difference is the brand name. Still, that does not mean it’s a bad product. In fact, again we see mostly great reviews across the board.

Like the LENCENT and Daffodil (Both talked about below), the Ideaworks (E6921) has three different light settings (low, medium and high) and can be powered by either 4 AA batteries or by a USB connection (cable is included). Due to its portable design and very small size, it makes a fantastic travel light. Read the impressive customer reviews on Amazon.

Daffodil ULT300


Highly rated – The Flexi-neck, versatile Daffodil-ULT300. Read the consumer reviews
With a flexible neck that can bend and provide light in almost any direction, the Daffodil ULT300 has a desktop clampable base and 3 different light settings. Those are low (1 row of LEDs are lit up), medium and high (all 28 LEDs are activated).

It’s also powered by either 4 AA batteries, or via a USB connection, the choice is yours. Add to that the low price and excellent reviews, and I think you can see why I chose this particular lamp out of the rest. It’s very versatile, and seems to be a bit better made than most others that dwell around the same price point.


LENCENT (LEHT002AA-PT) Night Light

LENCENT USB Rechargeable 4 LED Book LightThe LENCENT (LEHT002AA-PT) isn’t really what I am looking for, but its such a good deal that I found it interesting enough to add it to this post. It does not take AA batteries. Instead, it has its very own built-in 1000mAh lithium Ion battery which is charged up via a USB connection. The charge can last up to 12 hours when the lights are at their dimmest setting.

So many of the cheaper desk lamps that use LED lights are white lights. Meaning the actual light itself is very clear and white. But the LENCENT (LEHT002AA-PT) has both white and warm light (more yellow / orange) features. It even has a setting that offers a mix of both white and warm together. Find the LENCENT for sale here.

1000mah isn’t really a lot, but for powering LEDs, which are very non-demanding with their power consumption, the battery can certainly last a good while. However, when it comes to batteries it’s all about the quality of cells that are used. And beings as this lamp is so cheap, I’m not convinced that the cells in the built-in battery are going to be the best quality. But customer reviews say otherwise, and the review score for this lamp is one of the highest I’ve seen in while. So its safe to assume that I’m wrong, and the stated power duration (up to 12 hours) is pretty much on point.

It should be noted, though, that the LENCENT (LEHT002AA-PT) only has 4 SMD LEDs and is small (but does have a 7-Inch neck), so not as big or powerful as the other models listed here, but would make an excellent night reading or laptop light.


Kingavon BB-RT357 Portable Light

Kingavon-B-RT357As mentioned above, the Kingavon BB-RT357 looks quite cheap. Sometimes, though, this can be down to the pictures used in the listing, and when receiving the product it looks much better in person. I recently experienced this with a digital camera I bought second hand. It looked a bit cheap and plastic in the images due to it being the silver model, but when it arrived it was much better than it looked in the images. In terms of that being the case with the Kingavon BB-RT357, I guess I’ll never know for sure as I didn’t buy this model, nor am I planning to at any time in the future.

This model is more like a practical wireless table lamp in design. It can work by USB or by 3 AA batteries, which seems a bit of an odd number. This is another generic, copied design that many companies are using and just slapping their brand name on.

There are some quality issues with this model. A few customers are claiming it has broken rather quickly. But for the price it is still a good little deal, and the 12 white LEDs seem to provide a decent level of brightness.

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