Canon EOS M50 Replacement Battery

Powerextra-2-Pack-Replacement-Canon-LP-E12-BatteryThe fairly short battery life of the Canon EOS M50 camera has many owners looking for a good replacement. There are quite a few cheaper batteries out there for sale, as there is for basically all cameras that use a lithium ion battery. Most of the really cheap batteries from unknown brands are best avoided.

Also, worth being aware of is sellers that appear to be selling original Canon batteries that are really selling fakes. For the M50 the model type would be the LP-E12. So be aware of this if you see original Canon batteries being sold for a price that seems a little too low.

One problem, or symptom of using / buying a non-original battery, is the digital battery life meter (remaining battery life) won’t work on the camera. Furthermore, some 3rd party batteries will not charge in an original Canon charger.

Thankfully, some “good” non-original replacement batteries for the EOS M50 come with their own charger. One of those definitely worth purchasing for the M50 is the Wasabi (Wasabi Power) 7.2 Volt 1100mAh. As well as coming with their own charger, these batteries are reported to work in the original Canon LP-E12 charger too. Great price for two batteries and a charger. Not forgetting, it also comes with a 3-year guarantee.

Another third party bundle well worth considering is from UltraPro (for sale here). Two batteries and a charger for a very low price (also included is a cheap mini tripod). The reviews are mostly excellent.

Powerextra (pictured above) also offer a good replacement (2 pack). The battery capacity is slightly higher than normal at 1200mAh, as is the voltage @ 7.4V. However, it is known to be compatible with the M50 and comes with a USB double charger. Reviews are also impressive.

Of course, as mentioned above, if you don’t mind about the expense and want to keep everything genuine Canon, the original LP-E12 battery is for sale. You can find that for sale here on Amazon.

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