Buying Loake Shoes By Mail Order Online

Like most high quality footwear, Loake shoes are available to buy online via mail order. Many outlets that operate on the high street also sell Loake shoes on their websites online. Even the official Loake website is basically a store where you can buy almost any one of their shoe designs. Although from the official site you will be paying full price most of the time, and because they are not cheap potential buyers usually prefer to have a search around in order to try to save some money. Sales can be found.


Loake Chester 1880 Brogues (Made In England)

And let’s not forget, there’s also factory seconds available, and used pairs for sale online if you don’t mind wearing shoes that someone else has worn. With most shoes of this calibre you get what you pay for. Loake shoes are no exception. They are still being made today in 2019 using the same traditional methods dating back from the eighteen hundreds. Their best line are made by hand, and a lot of pairs take a long time to make. We’re talking two months from start to finish for a single pair! So you can see why they cost what they do.

When you consider the workmanship that goes into some of their shoes, such as the 1880 range, the price actually seems fair. The quality is exceptional. Loake are one of the best traditional shoemakers in the UK. However, please be aware that Loake also have other “ranges”, some of which are not made in England, but are made in India. You can read more about that here.

However, as with buying any shoes online without trying them on first, and even more so with expensive shoes, some hesitancy does come into play due to the price of the shoes. And rightfully so. Sizing is of the utmost importance when buying shoes and can make or break whether someone thinks the shoes are fantastic, nothing special, or even a complete nightmare. This also applies to repeat customers. If you buy a pair of shoes that you think are perfect in quality and fitting, you are more than likely going to recommend those shoes, and also that brand of shoe to other people. At the same time becoming a loyal customer yourself.


So you can see how it makes sense to actually go to a store and try these shoes on in person. That way you stand much better chance of finding your perfect fit and having the best possible experience with Loake shoes. And in the process saving some time by not having to return the Loake’s you bought online because they were either too big or too small.

If you can’t try them on in person for whatever reason, it’s not the end of the world. Most sellers online have a return’s policy. And if you contact them first to ask about specific sizing details that you would rather know before purchasing, most will be happy to help. Amazon is a great place for Loake shoes as they are usually a bit cheaper to buy. Just make sure not to buy any Loake shoes that are stated as being made in India.

Going on customer feedback and reviews, those shoes are basically the runts of the Loake litter and not the same quality as their British made counterparts. I hope that doesn’t come across as a little too harsh, as the Indian made pairs are still a good pair of shoes.

Other than that, get the sizing right and you can’t go wrong with a pair of Loake’s, bought via mail order or otherwise. If you don’t mind paying full price, other than buying them from a store in person, the official Loake website is one of the best places to buy them from because they offer a generous 28 day returns policy. Sending the shoes back is also a free service for the customer.

Of course, the shoes have to be sent back in as new condition. You can’t go out on the town wearing them a few nights while performing your favourite breakdancing moves and then decide you want to send them back. But that’s the same as any store when returning items. However, the Loake returns policy is excellent.

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