Bullworker Classic Isometrics Review

If you are interested in training, getting in shape, or simply increasing your strength level you may have, at some point, used a wide range of different pieces of equipment, like a weights bench, resistance bands or even one of those “all-purpose” multi-gym machines that come complete with a pec deck. While you can use the Bullworker to work the same sets of muscles as those training aids mentioned above, you can also use the Bullworker to work a whole new set of muscles that you never knew you had.



Pictured: The Bow Classic (36 Inches)

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It’s this versatility that makes the Bullworker such a superb training companion, and its one of the reasons why the Bullworker has had such a massive impact on the evolution of home fitness. Portability and versatility are two of the Bullworkers key selling points.

If you’re new to the Bullworker, here is a quick explanation about what is actually is.

The Bullworker is a handheld isometric training device and a highly respected alternative much larger home fitness equipment, or visits to the gym, which can sometimes include a costly monthly membership fee (even if you don’t attend for whatever reason). It is a home fitness enabler, requiring minimal space, that will improve your overall muscle-definition, strength, fitness and general mental and physical health. You almost always feel better after a workout of any kind once the endorphins are released by the body due to exercise.

The Bullworker was invented by Gert F. Kölbel. As with all exercises that use resistance (from iron weights to bodyweight), the key training on which the Bullworker is based upon is known as Isometric resistance.


Isometric training or isometric muscle contractions have been used for centuries as a way to effectively build muscle without using any gym-like equipment. Push-ups (Press-ups), squats and sit-ups are all basic but extremely effective forms of isometric training using your own bodyweight to provide the resistance. This is great training, and also one of the most natural. I certainly recommend bodyweight training as some of the best exercises a person can do, regardless of age or gender. And as an added bonus, it’s completely free!

However, some people prefer to work out with equipment, and when you perform isometrics with a versatile tool like the Bullworker, the sheer amount of different types of exercises available to you are far greater than that what is offered by, say, a weights bench. Yes, the user can even perform leg exercises with Bullworker (search for workout charts / illustrations on Google).



Pictured above: The Steel Bow (20 Inches)

Furthermore, the type of resistance that the Bullworker offers can help to stimulate even more muscle fibres, which can convert into muscle growth and an increase in strength.

Isometric exercises are commonly used in the early stages of injury rehabilitation, contracting muscles without motion. This helps build back muscle strength with less risk of joint damage while the affected / injured area is restored back to full health. The Bullworker can provide assistance with various injuries to help regain muscle strength, which, over time, contributes to the healing process.



The exercises coined by Bullworker usage have now been implemented by hundreds of thousands of people the world over. There are some very revealing “before and after” success stories on the Internet, particularly YouTube. The primary isometric exercises of the classic Bullworker and its later models, like the Bullworker X5, took the Dynamic Tension philosophy that was a key aspect in Charles Atlas’ world renowned muscle building instruction program, and placed them in higher regard than they already were.

Alternatives and Copycat products

The original vintage Bullworker (And now newer models) was, and still is such a success in terms of training at home, that it has seen many companies come along and try to replicate the classic Bullworker design. So if you take a look around on outlets like Amazon you will see a fair few similar looking products for sale. Don’t get me wrong, some of them are pretty good and fairly well-made (decent springs, made of mostly steel etc).

But none seem to last as long as a genuine Bullworker, or provide a lengthy warranty. The genuine Bullworker range has expanded rapidly over the years, and there are many types of “Bullworkers” now out there. Read more about them below.

With many of the replica products being inferior quality when compared to the real thing, this is confirmed by customer reviews. The real alternatives to the Bullworker where space, effectiveness and versatility are concerned are, in my opinion, resistance bands (which are very popular at the moment), and the Isokinator, which is also made by Gert F. Kölbel.

Resistance bands are much cheaper, but the majority only have one resistance level per band, although I believe you can buy a set which has different resistance levels. And then there’s the Isokinator, which is quite expensive, but ridiculously well-made and offers a training twist which I doubt you have seen before. The concept is the same, as in resistance training, but the method of operation and exercises are creative to say the least. Read more about the Isokinator here. There’s also products like the bendy bar, which are good, but not really that versatile.

Suitable for most – Even Seniors

Even for the older generation, the Bullworker is still an excellent exercise tool. It can help activate muscle groups that haven’t been used much. And what makes it suitable most of all is due to the fact that the resistance level is completely dependent on the users ability and preference. It can be used for light or heavy training. So that makes it suitable for not only men who are not used to doing any form of exercise, but also women too.

Models currently out there for sale

The Tensolator (which was endorsed by Boxing Champion Rocky Graziano back in the day) can be found for sale on eBay, usually second hand. There have been a few loft / shed finds though worth mentioning, where an unused example was found tucked away and then listed for sale. So take a look on eBay if you want the chance to own one of the real classics. As well as the Tensolator, there are many older models on eBay for sale.

Bullworker X5. Considered as one of the best Bullworkers produced by experienced users. Now, this particular model is hard to find brand new. However, it can still be found for sale online in second-hand condition on sites such as eBay, Gumtree and many other local classified websites.

Bullworker 36 Inch Bow Classic – The biggest and baddest of the bunch. Starting at zero and going all the way up to 160 plus pounds (lbs) of total resistance, this model will give even the strongest individuals a serious challenge. Comes with a 5-Year Warranty.

Bullworker 20″ Steel Bow – Small and extremely portable, the Steel Bow is one of the best-selling models. It’s basically a miniature version of the Bow Classic. The resistance level is a perfect for most – zero to 100 lbs. You can use this model anywhere. Comes with a 5 Year Warranty.

Bullworker Bow Basic. The cheapest in price to buy brand new from the official website. It still offers all the features the original model provides but has a lower level of total resistance (75 lbs) and the spring is not changeable. This is a good deal made better considering it also comes with a 3-Year Warranty.

There’s also the ISO-BOW and ISO-FLO, which are geared towards stretching, improving motion and flexibility. Bundle packages are available for sale, such as the Pro System, which includes the Bow Classic, Steel Bow, extension straps, ISO-GYM and ISO-BOW.

If you have already bought a Bullworker and are searching for videos and documentation on how to use the device, there are a lot of videos on YouTube, PDF’s to download online and Free manual(s) plus a 90-Day workout Routine on the official website.

What about buying in the UK

I’ve seen this question being asked a lot, so thought I should quickly cover it. Due to shipping restrictions in every country right now, and delivery times potentially being much longer, if you are in the UK and want to order a Bullworker product, it would be best to order it from Amazon UK due to them having the stock already located in the United Kingdom ready to go. That means delivered to your door within a few days rather than a few weeks.

4 thoughts on “Bullworker Classic Isometrics Review

  1. Good review on the Bully. I call it the bully lol. I found a video containing a treasure trove of promotional material for the bullworker. I do not know if this will work, I am gonna try to put it here so visitors can watch it. I found it interesting and maybe others will too! Bye.

  2. Been using the bullworker for close to a decade, old one I bought from a carboot sale for £5. Green handles tensolator? Using it more now with this covid mess. Mini home gym. Peace out.

  3. Creativity is a must for these things. Watch some videos on youtube for exercise ideas. The charts are good and funny.

  4. I’m what people would call an old aged pensioner – but I’m as strong as a bull. I use this, go walking and do press-ups. I can still push out 40 in one go on a good day!

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