Betron D51 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Review

Betron D51 Bluetooth Speaker quick review. So I was in the market for some new speakers for my desktop computer. You know, the ones that sit at each side of the monitor. I looked and looked, mostly on Amazon (There are so many PC speakers on there for sale), and one thing that became apparent was the amount of negative reviews for most of those types of speakers. I didn’t feel comfortable spending my money because the reviews didn’t give me much confidence in the products.


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Anyway, I thought, why not go the wireless route. I mean, some Bluetooth wireless speakers can also be used as “wired”, where the USB + headphone jack plug into the computer and the Bluetooth on the wireless speaker is disabled when in that mode. So one of those would work just as good as a pair of PC speakers. And they are very cheap! Please be aware: Not all wireless Bluetooth speakers have this option. Some can not be used with the Bluetooth disabled.

Despite what you may believe, being in close proximity to any device transmitting a Bluetooth frequency is not good for you, and I didn’t want to be sitting at my computer right next to the speaker for hours at a time while its transmitting the Bluetooth signal. So this was one of the main selling points for me. Thankfully, the Betron D51 used just fine with the Bluetooth disabled. And it comes with the leads included to be used straight out of the box. However, the leads are very short, so I used another one that I already owned.


So what’s the performance like. Well, it works really well. It’s loud enough. Maybe a little too loud for my needs. If you’re watching a film or YouTube videos, etc, I don’t even need to have the volume any higher than 30% on my computer. That’s with the Betron D51 on maximum volume. But you must remember, if wired to another device, such as a desktop computer, the volume can be controlled by that manually. I believe that would be the same with a Smartphone. The volume can be adjusted by both devices.


Like I said, I bought my Betron D51 to hook up to a computer (AUX), but when it first arrived I did test it out with a Smartphone. Pairing was extremely fast, and it never lost the connection once. However, I was within a 5-meter range, so I’m not sure how strong the connection would remain beyond that point. The maximum range is 10 meters.

How to pair

Example: To pair to a Smartphone – Turn on the Bluetooth (on the Smartphone) and get the phone onto the screen where it’s ready to search for new Bluetooth devices to connect to. Turn on the Betron D51 and press the button with the letter “M” (I believe this stands for menu mode) on it. See the picture below.


When you see the blue light on the front of the D51 flashing continuously that means it is now in Bluetooth mode searching for a device to connect to. Once your Smartphone finds the new device (the D51) accept the connection and your all paired up and ready to go.

Battery life

When I first bought the Betron D51 I did use it on its battery for a while. To be honest, it seemed great. But it should be good when being used for the first time brand-new out of the box. After that day, I have constantly used my D51 plugged into the computer, so its not using the internal battery. I have no idea how long it would last after 6 months to a year of constant use, but the reviews of this product on Amazon are mostly excellent, so I can’t see it being any worse than what the standard battery life expectancy is for wireless Bluetooth speakers in general. And Betron is quite a good low priced brand for speakers, so I would say the battery would be okay.

Should you buy

The Betron D51 certainly gets a five star review rating from me. I’m glad I went with a Bluetooth speaker capable of wireless and wired rather than a pair of the classic desktop / laptop speakers that sit on each side. With the D51 I turn it on, it works well, the sound is clear most of the time (this depends massively on the quality of the video / clip / music), it’s loud for its size, and it was very cheap to buy.

No problems to report, still going strong after 10 months. A fantastic little speaker that looks more expensive than what it is. Forgot to mention, it even has an SD / TF memory card slot, which I’ve never used, so you can play music directly from the memory card. A one-year warranty is also included. I would recommend this product.

Looking for the instructions / user manual? You can find the PDF ready to read or download here.

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