Best Hand Grip Forearm Strengtheners

Gripmaster-PRO-Hand-Finger-Exerciser-GreenThere are so many Hand Grips out there for increasing forearm / grip strength. And whilst there are some great ones out there, can anyone product be considered as the best. We all have different requirements and different hand strength levels, so what I consider as the best Hand Grip might not be suitable for you. An example is, some people have sensitive hands and will want to buy hand grips that have foam handles.

Pictured above: The Gripmaster PRO Medical Medium Hand and Finger Exerciser – Green, 7lb (3.2 kg).

You can find this model for sale here.

Whereas, someone like me, who has a pair of Gorilla x Eagle Talons for hands would rather have a solid metal pair of hand grips that are tough on the hands. The same goes for the resistance level. Some people will prefer grips that have a set resistance level, whereas other people want to be able to adjust the resistance level and see improvements in hand and forearm strength, increasing the resistance level as they progress. With that in mind, here are a few of the Best Hand Grip Forearm Strengtheners that are also affordable and of decent, to very good quality.

66FIT Adjustable Hand Grip 66FIT-Adjustable-Hand-Grip-ExerciserExerciser

The 66FIT Adjustable Hand Grip Exerciser is one of the best all rounders for the price. It’s resistance level is adjustable, starting at 10KG and going up to 40KG. This is great for people who want to see progress over a period of time.

Great Deal: Same model but comes as part of a 5 pack which includes an individual finger worker (basically a cheap Gripmaster), squeeze balls and a grip ring. Check it out here.

You could start out being able to squeeze 25KG and then within a few weeks of regular use be able to squeeze 35KG or the full 40KG. Build quality is excellent. There are others that look exactly the same as the 66FIT Gripper, and some are good quality. However, for such a low price it would be wise to stick to a known brand like 66FIT.

TRENAS Foam Hand Grip Exerciser

TRENAS-Hand-Grip-Trainers-Foam-HandlesThe Trenas Grips have foam handles. They are an average hand grip in that they are not adjustable. However, the resistance they are set to is adequate for most people, so they make a decent purchase. The good thing about these hand grips is they come as a pair.

Pictured: A pair of TRENAS Hand Grips. Find similar here. So you get two for the price. Good little bargain as most people use one at a time so you could store one away for if / when one snaps. Want two grips with foam handles even cheaper.


Gripinator-Hand-StrengthA similar type of design as the 66FIT Adjustable Hand Grip Exerciser, but the Gripinator looks more like a nut cracker! And like the 66FIT, the Gripinator is adjustable from 10KG right up to 40KG.

This model is now sold out. But take a look at another highly rated alternative gripper: Captains of Crush IronMind.

It’s around the same price as the 66FIT and has good feedback from consumers. Once downfall if you’re someone looking for a comfortable gripper is that it has no cushioning at all. Can be a little slippery if the hands are clammy. But overall a good product.

Gripmaster Pro Edition

Gripmaster-Pro-Edition-Heavy-Tension-ResistanceWorking the fingers on an individual basis, the Gripmaster Pro offers something completely different to the rest. This allows the user to work on and strengthen weak points, such as certain fingers that may be a lot weaker than the others, like the little finger, etc. It also works the wrist and forearm like the others.

Exact model pictured: Gripmaster Pro Edition Heavy Tension Hand and Finger Exerciser – Orange, 13 lb (approx 5.9 kilogram)

It looks like it would also be good for strengthening the fingers and forearms in order to play musical instruments more efficiently and for longer periods. Such as the Saxophone, Trumpet, Guitar and Piano etc. In fact, there is a specific model of Gripmaster for this very purpose. It’s aimed at senior citizens, musicians, and novices to finger and forearm strength training. This model is called the Gripmaster Prohands Orchestral Opus Hand Exerciser Combo.

Due to its ability to target specific fingers, the Gripmaster Pro would also be great to use for martial arts that involve grappling while wearing a Gi, like Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Judo. The only negative with the Gripmaster Pro is that the resistance is not adjustable, and if you want more resistance you have to buy another Gripmaster that has a higher resistance level. This could be costly down the line if you started off with the Gripmaster that offers the least resistance and worked your way up to the hardest.

And they’re not exactly cheap to buy when compared to the other products on this page. And if you buy a few over time, well that’s a considerable amount of money.

Want a grip like a Vice?

Professional-Hand-Grip-StrengthenerThis one is the toughest and most durable out of all the hand and finger trainers out there for the price. It’s completely adjustable (Triple spring) and has a resistance range of zero kilograms right up to 160KG. Suitable for everyone including sportsmen and women. Tennis players, Golfers, Weight Lifters, BJJ, Judo Players etc.

Find it for sale here: Senshi Japan Vice Hands – Squashing heads like Grapefruits. (I made the name up myself!)

This is also suitable for Instrument players and people recuperating from tendon, finger, wrist and forearm Injuries. Furthermore, ailments like Arthritis and Tennis Elbow. This is an excellent product that will last you a lifetime. So for such a low price this is definitely very cost-effective and well worth considering if you want a top quality gripper that, for most people other than weight lifters dead lifting 200KG+, will never need to be upgraded. A seriously good piece of professional level grip equipment that is capable of letting you train your way to the strongest grip you’ve ever had!

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