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Best Folding weights benches / bench press equipment for sale in the UK and USA. Bench pressing has been a very popular exercise for decades. Not only in the UK and America, but worldwide. It focuses primarily on the upper body, with the pecks and arms (Including the Anterior Deltoids and Triceps) taking the brunt of the force. Of course, without a weights bench there is no bench press. You could say the natural equivalent to bench pressing is press-ups, or push-ups as they call them in the USA.


Pictured: One of the best, most cost effective weights benches

This is correct, but press-ups use more areas of the body, such as the legs and lower back when holding the classic press-up position. There is a tensing of the whole body that’s required when in this position. Whereas bench pressing, where the person is lying flat on their back, is directly targeting the chest and arms, with no lower part of the body taking any of the strain.

Some would argue that it’s better to do press-ups as a natural alternative to bench pressing, and then buy something like a Calisthenics Frame. This is great if you want to focus more on bodyweight exercises. And really, being more diverse and working more parts of the body other than just the chest, is what you should do.

But it really depends on what a person is into, what their comfortable with, and what that person wants to work on most. A lot of people find using a bench much more convenient. A little warm up, jump on, do a few sets, and there you go. The chest and arms, as well as other muscles, like the heart, have had a quick workout.

So, with a multitude of different weights benches to choose from, and with so many price ranges and extra features, which one do you go for.

Well, it really depends on what your budget is, and what part(s) of the body you want to work on. I mean, among other things, some of the most common “add-ons” for a standard weights bench, are leg attachments, fly attachments, dip bars. And the incline / decline options. Of course, you don’t have to buy a brand-new workout bench.

There are so many used benches out there for sale which are in excellent condition, and will do the job perfectly. And buying used will also save you some money in the process. Just take a look on eBay or Gumtree and you’ll see loads of good used benches being sold locally. Some sellers will post the item, where the buyer pays the postage costs.

However, most will mark the item as collection only, which is understandable given how awkward and expensive they can be to package and post. However, for your average bench, the exact one pictured above is excellent. I decided to write this “review” (general chat really) because I actually own this model myself.

In terms of this specific model, there are a few from the same stable of design / manufacturer (or copied by several) that look identical but do have a few differences. I think this is due to the company(s) learning from their customers feedback, evolving, and then adding and improving on the design over time.

This is great because if you buy one now, you’ll actually be getting a slightly more advanced model to the one I have. Overall, this weights benches convenience (it folds away), and more importantly, its sturdy design, low price and longevity, have really impressed me.

I generally put bodyweight exercises at the forefront of my exercise routine, but I still use this weights bench at least once a week. It’s very easy to assemble, and once up, it looks good and copes well with everything I throw at it. After finishing a workout it folds away easily to free up extra space, making it easier to manoeuvre around a home gym area, shed or bedroom etc, once the weights portion of your exercise routine is complete.

I’ve used many weights benches over the years, with a few being in high-end gyms, many in back street boxing gyms, and most at friends houses / garage gyms that were usually cheaper models. And the one thing that most of the ones at people’s homes all had in common, except for the odd few, was that they weren’t very stable and weren’t exactly quiet when in use. A lot of squeaking!

This model, while not completely silent, is very stable, and most of the time, quiet in comparison to many other cheaply priced examples I have used. I think this is due to thicker metal being used for the frame, and bigger screw bolts rather than the large, but small in comparison, screws that are widely used on many of the cheaper models. The only downside with this models design is that there is no incline or decline adjustment settings. It only has the standard, flat surface bench press.

This wasn’t an essential feature, or a deal breaker for me, but I can see how this can put some potential buyers off. One consolation, though, is the addition of two dip handles at the back of the forks (bar holders).

However, because those are welded on, I would advise the user to position their hands as close “in” near to the welded joints as possible in order to not put any unnecessary strain on the handles by placing the hands right on the ends, ultimately putting more pressure on the welded joints.

If used in this manner it will no doubt higher the chances of the welded joints breaking at some point. I’ve had mine for many years, always using it with the hands as close to the weld as possible, and mine hasn’t shown any signs of cracking. It’s still just as good as the day I bought it.

That also applies to the back padding, too. It’s not made of leather but has lasted very well, showing no signs of wear what so ever.

Please note: The image in this post shows a newer model of this bench. As a result, and as mentioned above, little improvements have been made to the product, including what looks to be bolts rather than welding that now secures the dip bars.

Also improved from the previous model are higher bar catchers (forks / rack), and better, safer locking pins.

Extra Functions + Alternatives

You could get one of those solid, non-adjustable (and non-foldable) all-in-one Olympic style benches. Those types are usually extremely well-made and built to last. But they are much more expensive than this one. Apparently, you can also use this bench to do sit-ups. Mixed in with the rest of their promotional images for this product, the company show an image of a man performing sit-ups on the bench.

Some pictures show the man actually balancing on the bench’ back pad (Not recommended), and others show him using the fabric strap at the end of the benches back pad to secure his feet while doing sit-ups. Neither of these methods seem very practical, or safe to me. It’s much safer to not use the bench at all to do sit-ups, and just do them on the floor. If you want a piece of equipment to motivate you into doing some stomach exercises, get something cheap, like an Ab-roller.

Even brand new, Ab Rollers are low in price, but they can also be found being sold in used condition online, and in places like second-hand shops for literally £0.50 – £1.00. If you want to try something totally different while at home as a change to your exercise routine, try a Bullworker or Isokinator.


Overall, this is a superb bench, with a strong and sturdy design for the price. Much better than many of the ones you see being sold for close to the same price, where the frame is made from those thin hollow metal tubes! This one is much better than that.

I recommend this model for someone who’s looking for a cheap weights bench that’s well-built and can potentially last a long time if used with respect. Taking into account that the cheap flimsy benches mentioned here are actually more expensive than this one, there is no doubt which type I would rather spend my money on.

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  1. Need a bench that comes with weights. OMG all the cast iron weights literally sold out. Home gyms stuff is sold out cus of corona. All I got is an old exercise bike.

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